I will give you my book: „Awaken the DREAMDOER INSIDE YOU“ – because success can be learned….it’s just that no-one teaches us!

Success does NOT depend on luck or chance …success can be learned! In my book, I will show you success techniques that no-one teaches us in school, at university or in your job!

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“Success can be learned – to realize that, I had to go through two bankruptcies and start again from zero. I want to spare you that: I will show you how you can implement the simple success techniques of the super-successful in your life too!” – Katja Porsch

What this book is NOT 


❌ This book is not for those searching for confirmation of why it has gone wrong again. Those who prefer to blame other people and circumstances for their fate.

❌ It is not for those who want to carry on dreaming their dreams, and don’t have the courage to live them as well.

❌ It is not for those looking for excuses and those who want to stay in their comfort zone.

❌ Not for doubters, whiners, faultfinders and know-it-alls.

❌ It is not a scientific treatise, but the essence from over 12 years’ experience at the sharp end of hardcore sales, two bankruptcies and over 900 seminars in front of more than 30,000 participants.

❌ It is not universal truth, but it gives you universal laws that you can make your truth.

❌ It goes beyond encouragement and is based not just on the right belief but on the right action.

❌ It doesn’t make out that everything is rosy because bad stuff is part of life.

❌ It is not a sure-fire way to achieving your dream…

…but it will show you how you can achieve it!

This book is not just more “Success babble”. I will show you techniques from PRACTICE, that have rescued me from two bankruptcies!

✅ The book is not just me endlessly telling you how great I am but is easy to read and full of stories and tips that you can transfer IMMEDIATELY to your life

✅ It is a guideline for everyone who wants to get off the treadmill and take their life in a new direction

✅ It contains practical exercises (exercises that are useful, no wannabe-writing exercises) that will fundamentally change your view of life

✅ It is a book that will make you the DREAMDOER OF YOUR LIFE!




Thousands of DREAMDOERS have already taken their lives into their own hands – When will you start?

“With the book: Awaken your Inner Dreamdoer… and get the success that you want, by Katja Porsch, the reader gets 184 exciting, passionate and energy-laden pages. Once you have started, it is hard to put the book down because you just want to see how it continues and how you can awaken your inner dreamdoer. You can feel how much fun Katja had in writing this book and sharing her experiences with everyone. Her transfer exercises at the end of every section are a very exciting self-awareness exercise but which also show how even very small things can move a lot if you only dare. I often got the feeling when I was reading it that she was standing right behind me kicking my backside until I got into gear. She says everything in her book directly and to the point and does not make digressions. The whole thing is finished off with her dreamdoer rules, which summarizes again what you have just read simply but effectively. Awaken your Inner Dreamdoer! will enthuse anyone who reads it! Trust yourself too and become a dreamdoer! The book will be a starting gun for that!!!
Katja, to end with, I wish you lots of continued success and fun in all those things that so enrich your life! I’m looking forward to a new book by you!”

– Thomas Peter

“Dear Katja,
thanks very much for this book, your knowledge, experiences and lots of stimulus!

I had read the book in 2 hours and was totally enthused by all the stimuli, the pathway that Katja had to take through life. I finally felt understood in the many subjects that occupy me and now had the drive for me, I can influence things. With Katja’s personal experiences, I could finally understand what I was still doing wrong.

It also shows the dreamdoers straight away that everyone thinks about it a lot and thinks that everyone does the same.   I was most convinced with how Katja demonstrates the mechanisms and uses them to become successful faster and in a more focused way. The WHY? 

The book is a constant companion so that the stimuli and mechanisms become habit. Thanks Katja for the openness that you give us with these valuable impulses.
I have been in Sales for 28 years and Katja Porsch was the first to manage to evaluate sales and to show how the company could be more successful in the future without any nonsense. She shows very clearly where the sales journey is headed, it is not with the USP but with the UPP and that is becoming more and more important with the whole KI.”

– Thomas Düsterhus

“I find your book goes straight to the point. Anyone who knows you can listen to you. It is honest and says exactly what everyone is thinking …or should be thinking!”

– Gil Schlappal

“I have to give a compliment and I am always amazed how much fun it can be to get new motivations and new points of view. In my view, this motivation book– as I like to call it– should be in any house library if you are on the way to setting new targets. It is a very refreshing book, which sometime reminds one of similar situations in your own life by the style of telling and sometimes makes you laugh. I’ll just say, “passenger and bus driver”. It becomes clear how important our attitudes and thinking patterns towards situations are and how you could improve them if you want. The most important thing that I take from this book is, however, that you should always trust yourself! You should always learn from the best and YOU Katja are one of them, thank you.”

– Jannine Krüger

“The book is very well written, and everything is straight to the point. I read many such books. Hill, Covey, Maxwell and to be sure much is repeated as these are the recipes for success. The dreamdoer book is wonderful to read and motivating from the language and the style of writing. Made me work again on my expectations. I am looking forward to more books in the future.”

– André Riemekasten

„Dear Katja, in Vienna I got a first wonderful impression of your work and was very excited to get one of the Climber places, to gain some more of your knowledge. Yes, I am now a Climber and I am looking forward to the next lecture. Best wishes, Alexandra”

– Alexandra Bieder

“In the last 5 years, I have read over 100 management books and read your new book with few expectations. To begin with, my euphoria was limited but from about page 100 I couldn’t put your book down. Thanks very much for your explanations on change in current times and how you showed the opportunities to every individual. My favorite sentence: ‘Freedom is the new security. I am sure that you will have further success and will give great support to many people through your Academy.”

– Udo Schüring

“I completely agree with you! Success does not just come overnight to a few chosen ones. The action decides it. Effective and continual. Combined with my three personal riders of fortune: intellect, instinct and INSPIRATION, I get up every day full of joy for myself. Moaning only ever brings the vibration frequency down. I concentrate on the positive things, no longer take “mishaps” (lack of appointments, unanswered calls, hesitant partners and customers) personally. Things happen – that’s all! What is important is that I never lose sight of the things, people and environments that are on my vision board as targets. Yes, I WANT TO!
thoughts that came to me during your appreciated input. Thank you very much!”

– Heidi Lampret

„In the old days, it used to be just a „have to“. At the moment a part of it still is, but I’m working towards bringing this things to an end.
And it’s soooo true, I want to say that over 90% of the people around me are really annoyed before work starts and after work is done they are tired and exhausted and just want to rest and retreat. This is certainly a consequence of the „(un)satisfaction“ they feel.
I thank you for your eye-opening words!“

– Stefanie Hellrigl


„Just reading the book and I am enthralled… it can’t always be easy to get off the treadmill and get out of the comfort zone, especially if you have several “building sites“, but target setting and a step-by-step implementation are a good approach in my opinion and this book reminds me daily to stay on the ball. Thanks for that!“

– Tine

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